Where to buy tickets

Prague Region Season tickets

Short-term tickets for Prague (from 30 minutes to 3 days) can be purchased in following ways:

Tickets are valid on metro, tram, bus, ferry and train lines in the area of Prague.

  • In information centers and selling points at most of the metro stations
  • In yellow ticket vending machines at metro stations and some surface transit stops
  • In newspaper shops in the whole area of Prague
  • In the mobile application PID Lítačka (paid by credit/debit card, Masterpass or Apple Pay, ticket needs to be activated before your travel)
  • Inside every tram (only by contactless credit/debit card)

You can find a list of tickets with their respective prices in the article about Travelling around Prague.

Map of points of sale of short-term tickets

Ticket from information center, ticket machine, shop or from a bus driver needs to be validated (stamped by putting inside a yellow box) when getting on the vehicle or inside the metro/train station for the first time!

Validation box and vending machine

Detailed information about selling points

Information centers and points of sale

At most of the metro stations you can find an office or information center selling tickets. Do not forget to validate the ticket (stamp in the yellow box).

Ticket vending machines

Ticket vending machines are installed at all metro stations and at selected surface transit stops. For travelling within the area of Prague choose a ticket for 30, 40, or 120 CZK. By pressing the button repeatedly you can buy more tickets at once. If you want to buy a discounted ticket or a ticket for luggage or a dog, press the DISCOUNTED button prior to making your selection. When you are finished, insert the correct amount of money and take your tickets and change.

The vending machines accept only coins, not banknotes. Some busy places (e.g. Airport, Main train station) are equipped with machines that accept cards as well. Do not forget to validate the ticket (stamp in the yellow box).

Newsstands and retailers

Some shops, especially newspaper shops, offer tickets for Prague public transport. Do not forget to validate the ticket (stamp in the yellow box).

Mobile application “PID Lítačka”

The mobile app “PID Lítačka” is available for download in Google Play and Apple Store. It offers all tickets for Prague Integrated Transport. You can even search your connection in the app and the application suggests you the most suitable ticket.

You can pay for the ticket using your credit/debit card, Masterpass or Apple Pay. Before you use the ticket, you need to activate it in the application (can be done automatically after the purchase or manually later). The validity of the ticket starts two minutes after the validation, so remember to activate the ticket in advance.


In every tram there is a ticket machine that accepts contactless credit/debit cards for payment placed in the middle of every tram vehicle. Passenger is obliged to buy the ticket immediately after getting on the tram. The ticket from the ticket machine is valid immediately and does not need to by validated anymore.