Help improve orientation in Prague II

Help the new wayfinding in putting an end to lose oneself in the streets of Prague

Who hasn’t lost one’s way in our capital city? It happens even to native Praguers, let alone casual visitors. Today, there are multiple unrelated systems for navigating pedestrians, cyclists and travelers in Prague. It is a bleak situation, yet something can be done about it.

Čitelná Praha (Legible Prague) for a better life in the metropolis

The current information system has its roots in the 1970s and 1980s. It reflects the time of its creation and suffers from the layers of more or less conceptual updates. We are taking the best of it and building on this foundation to create a sophisticated navigation system that will improve everyday life in the city, whether you move around on your own, choose a mode of transport or a combination of the two.

Our project Čitelná Praha (Legible Prague) introduces a city wayfinding aimed at improving the quality of life for all those who navigate the metropolis. In such metropolitan jungles, you can easily find the entrance to the metro/underground/subway, get to the right platform or simply orient yourself on the streets or at traffic junctions. All you have to do is look around you a bit.

The author of Prague wayfinding design, which resulted from an international competition, is a Czech team consisting of the graphic design studio Side2,  the atelier A69, and the architect and typography studio Superior Type.

Pedestrian trial operation at Holešovická tržnice

The gradual deployment of the new unified information system has already begun. It was tested at the Palmovka metro station in spring, where passengers have been orienting themselves according to the new features since last September.

These days we are running yet another trial this time for pedestrians at Holešovická tržnice near the freshly opened Štvanická lávka.

Thorough exploration and testing

A proper design approach simply cannot be done without thorough exploration and testing. And the experience from the field is extremely valuable and important. They help us to improve the system of Čitelná Praha (Legible Prague) and to prepare it for the city-wide rollout.

UX designer Dominika Potužáková from Bohemia design & research is exploring the user experience, inclusivity and accessibility of the features of Čitelná Praha (Legible Prague) in real life.

Test the new pedestrian navigation system with us

For the new pedestrian navigation system to serve everyone well, we need to test its functionality with different types of users – locals who know the city by heart, people who commute to Prague for work and are always in a hurry, tourists who don’t speak Czech but want to fully enjoy all its beauty, individuals with temporary or permanent mobility, vision, hearing, or other impairments, dog persons, parents with strollers, hikers with suitcases and backpacks, retirees, children, and everyone else.

We all have many common and a number of specific requirements that quality design and architecture help address, which is why we want to know yours! All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire.

Whether you are part of any group, whether you walk, use public transportation, a car, a bicycle, or combine all options, your feedback will help us incorporate your needs into the emerging wayfinding and make it the best for everyone.

How will the usability research take place?

During the usability research, we will stand nearby obelisk and signpost, give you a few tasks to perform with the wayfinding system in place and observe your reactions to the features of the new navigation system installed at Holešovická tržnice. After this, we will have a detailed discussion with you to understand the clarity, legibility and functionality of the new system.

For a 30-minute interview at the location respondents will be rewarded with a gift package and the opportunity to be among those who help make Prague more legible for everyone.

Would you like to be part of our research and help to ensure that no one gets lost in Prague again?

Please sign up via questionnaire here.