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In Prague, urban buses operate round the clock and complement metro and tram routes. Suburban buses operate in the Central Bohemian region, but some serve the outskirts of Prague as well.

Buses in Prague

Daytime routes 100–299 operate between 5:00 and 24:00. Generally the peak hour headways are 10–20 minutes. Certain important bus lines have headway shortened to 6–8 minutes during peak hours and are served by articulated buses. During off-peak hours the headways are generally 15–30 minutes. Boarding is possible by all doors. All buses are low-floor.

Tickets on Prague buses

When travelling inside Prague’s borders, you can use short-term or subscription tickets. These tickets are valid in zones P, 0 and B which define the area of Prague. These tickets can be used also on suburban PID lines between stops of zones P, 0 or B, i. e. in Prague. However, these tickets are not good for routes Airport Express AE and vintage bus line K, which have their own fare.

Tickets can be bought on board of buses. On urban lines, tickets are sold by a ticket machine located at the second door. Payment is possible by contactless cards only.

Buses outside Prague

Suburban routes 300–899 and 950–960 operate mostly in the Central Bohemian region, although the lower-numbered routes start in Prague.

Boarding is possible only via front doors, with the exception of routes inside Prague heading to the centre, where boarding is possible through all doors. Please show the ticket or a travel pass to the driver. If you don’t have a ticket or you want buy additional zones, you can buy them at the driver at no additional cost.

Most of the buses are low-floor. However, some buses especially on long-distance routes are not low-floor. If unsure, check the route planner which indicates whether the bus is low floor.

Tickets on suburban buses

In extra-urban buses tickets are sold by the driver. They accept cash or contactless cards.

Outside of Prague, the fare depends on the number of fare zones passed. Every zone entered incurs an additional cost. Take care that the ticket has enough time on it to cover the period of travel.

The simplest way is to tell the driver the stop you wish to go. If you have a long-term pass, present it to the driver. You can also check the ticket price in Lítačka app where you can buy the ticket as well, or in the search engine.

Simplified scheme of PID fare zones. P, 0 and B form Prague urban area, zones from 1 upwards are outside of Prague (Central Bohemian region and beyond).

Night service

During night hours the city is served by night bus lines. Fare and boarding are same as during the day.

Night transport scheme

Going to the airport

Prague Airport PRG is served by bus lines only. The main lines:

  • Route 119 takes you to metro A Nádraží Veleslavín and then to city centre [total time ~35 minutes, 40 CZK]
  • Route 100 connects to metro B Zličín heading to the city centre [total time ~45 minutes, 40 CZK]
  • Airport Express AE goes directly to Hlavní nádraží Main station [45 minutes, special fare 100 CZK]

There are also auxiliary lines that may come handy at times:

  • Route 191 going to metro Anděl (passes close to Strahov dormitories) [50 minutes, 40 CZK]
  • Night routes 907 and 910 going to to the city centre [45 minutes, 40 CZK]

Options to get from Prague Airport: 100 to metro Zličín, 119 to metro Nádraží Veleslavín and Airport Express to Hlavní nádraží Main train station

On the bus with a bike

Generally, boarding a bus with a bicycle is not permitted. However, there are certain exceptions regarding seasonal service for cyclists. Read more about carriage of bicycles in PID.

Information in this article is only indicative. The legally binding version is only PID Fare document and Contract Conditions of Carriage of PID.