Transferable season tickets

Transferable season tickets can be acquired quickly, while no personal documents (IDs or photos) are needed. They are intended for visitors of Prague that plan to stay for a longer period or for passengers who want to pass the ticket to another person. Transferable season tickets are issued only for the area of Prague, they are not available in outlying zones. If you are interested in nontransferable tickets, see this page.

Transferable season ticket is not bound to a single person. However, at a single moment only one passenger can use the ticket.

Season tickets are valid on all PID lines in Prague, which include: metro, trams, buses (apart from the line AE), Petřín funicular, ferries and integrated passenger trains (S lines).

Transferable season tickets in Prague

Ticket Price
Monthly (30 days) 1 000 CZK
Quarterly (90 days) 2 700 CZK
Yearly (365 days) 7 800 CZK

How to acquire transferable season ticket

The easiest way how to acquire a transferable season ticket is in person at points of sale of Prague Public transport Co.

Alternatively, an anonymous chip card can be used. How to acquire the chip card and the ticket is explained in this article about issuing regular (nontransferable) season tickets. The only difference is that you don’t need any photo or ID card.

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