Lost & found

Last update: 11. 10. 2016 | Published: 15. 06. 2016 | Print


Did you forget some of your personal belongings in a public transport vehicle? Contact the responsible department for help.

Urban lines

If you have left something in any of the urban lines in Prague (metro, trams, urban buses 100-299, …), please contact the Prague Public Transport Co information line. If you call soon enough, they can contact the driver of the vehicle.

DPP +420 296 191 817

Suburban lines

For lines that are not operated by the Prague Public Transport Co (mostly suburban buses 300-499) please contact our information line.

ROPID +420 234 704 560


If you have left your belongings in a train, you can contact directly the train operator.

For instance, Czech Railways can be contacted on the number +420 221 111 122.