PID Mobile application

The application of Prague Integrated Transport (PID) is a convinient assistant for those who travel by public transport in Prague or by regional bus and train lines. It is based on the well-known DPP INFO application, which is extended to information about trains and suburban lines, where you can also see the delay and the actual position of the vehicle you are waiting for.

 Find the best connection that is available within the Prague Integrated Transport system, check the departure times and delays of the individual connections, for example, from the stop where you are right now. In the event of any planned or unplanned event taking place within the network of the Prague Integrated Transport system that could jeopardise your timely arrival at your destination, the application additionally does not hesitate to point it out to you right away while you are still planning your journey to enable you to choose an alternative route.

Application “PID info” is available for Android and iOS. You can download it for free in Google Play or App Store.

Key features

  • Searching for connections within the Prague Integrated Transport system (metro, trams, buses, trains, ferries, funicular)
  • Information about planned traffic restrictions and extraordinary events directly in the searched connections
  • Position of the vehicle on its route, including current delay for tracked vehicles, otherwise according to the timetable
  • Map of stops, including the location of individual posts with the list of departing lines
  • Current departures from any stop, for tracked vehicles including actual delay
  • Map of ticket sales points (ticket vending machines, subway sales points, railway stations, transit operators’ offices)


If you have any comments or suggestions to the application, please feel free to provide us with your feedback. You can contact as via e-mail

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