Ticket sale places

Within Prague Outside Prague Season tickets

Short-term tickets for Prague (valid for up to 3 days) are available for purchase:

  • In the PID Lítačka app (Masterpass or Apple Pay and card payment available; purchase or activate your ticket at least 2 minutes before departure)
  • In information centers and sale points at most subway stations
  • In yellow ticket machines at all subway stations and many surface transit stops
  • In many newspaper stands within Prague
  • In every tram and bus numbered 1–299 using a contactless machine located at the middle door of every vehicle. Purchase immediately after boarding, board through doors fitted with the ticket machine. Tickets purchased on board are already validated. Contactless payment only.
  • At bus drivers in buses numbered 300–899 and 950–999. Tickets purchased on board are already validated. Please note that some drivers may not speak English.
  • In the Citymove app (contactless payment and Apple Pay available)

Valid on all subways, trams, buses, riverboat services and PID train services within Prague (Zones P, 0 and B).

Tickets for the Petřín funicular may only be purchased at funicular stations.

Learn more about fares within Prague here.

Find your nearest sale point

Tickets purchased at information centers, ticket machines at subway stations and surface stops or at newspaper stands must be validated in a yellow stamping machine immediately after boarding. At subway stations, stamp your ticket in the turnstile. Do not stamp more than once.

A stamping and a ticket machine, respectively

Detailed information about purchase options

PID Lítačka app

The PID Lítačka app is available for download on App Store and Google Play. The app offers the entire range of PID tickets for purchase. Tickets are best purchased by planning your journey in-app – the app will find the right ticket for purchase.

Payment is available by credit card, Masterpass and Apple Pay. Before departure, tickets need to be activated in-app, either immediately on purchase or later. The activation time is 2 minutes.

Information centers and sale points

Sale counters are available at most subway stops. Tickets must be validated before travel.

Yellow ticket machines

Ticket machines are available at all subway stations, major transit hubs and other stops. For journeys within Prague, tickets for 30, 40, and 120 CZK are available. Purchase of more tickets simultaneously is available by tapping repeatedly. For reduced fare tickets (including luggage and dog fares), tap the Discounted button prior to tapping a ticket. Change may only be inserted after making your selection. Machines at major transit hubs may offer more fare options.

Contactless payment is also available at most ticket machines. Payment with banknotes is not available. Tickets must be validated in a validating machine when starting your journey.

Newspaper stands and retailers

Many newspaper shops and other retailers also sell PID tickets. Don’t forget to validate your ticket.


Trams and buses

On board every tram and bus on routes 1–299, there is a contactless ticket machine fitted, usually located at the middle door. Passengers need to board the door fitted with the machine and purchase the ticket immediately after boarding. Tickets purchased on board are already validated.